Bruschetta with hung curd


Made this delightful bruschetta in a jiffy at home. I replaced some of the original ingredients from a version I had at Jamie Oliver’s pizzeria in Mumbai, India.

Used garlic bread for the base, cut into thick slices. I toasted them (without oil/butter) in the oven for a few minutes. Then sprinkled some freshly chopped tomatoes, fresh parsley, salt, pepper, and then instead of ricotta which was in the original, I used hung curd which was really thick and actually resembled a crumbled cheese texture. Topped it with a few drops of balsamic vinegar which I had picked up from Italy.

It was delicious and a much healthier version, and the use of hung curd and balsamic really lifted the taste. Needless to say there were no leftovers.


Fries not fried

img_20160424_151707.jpgAir fryer saga continues…made with 1 teaspoon of oil these fries were soul satisfying without the calories.  Go for it.

Not fried bread rolls

What can be better than enjoying your fav food without the calories:-)

I recently got my hands on Philips air fryer and have been checking which recipes actually work without oil. Bread roll passed the test with flying colours.  I made the bread rolls as you would and then just kept them in the air fryer.  It took it’s time but the taste was flawlessly there. Highly reccomended dish for air fryer image

Chicken Tikka (No Oil)

Another of my latest – Zero Oil Cooking – feature. Specially for meats like chicken, and fish I find its pretty easy to cook without the oil. I feel happy cutting back a few calories whenever I can. I used a marinade for the chicken cubes and left them in for about 2 hours. Then its a matter

Chicken Tikka of which vegetables you like – I have yellow and red peppers and some onions, seasoned and grilled on a pan for a few minutes to soften up. Added skewers to the chicken and grilled them, makes them easy to handle and eat, and served with some lime wedges and a green mint coriander chutney. Dinner is a breeze

Low Calorie Baked Cauliflower in a White Sauce with Mustard

Its a bird, its a plane – no its a deliciously good baked cauliflower. That too in a low calories sauce that is packed with the punch of good old mustard.

I used a medium sized cauliflower – whole. Blanched it to get it slightly cooked and also to clean it through since I am not going to chop it up. Made my low cal white sauce without a single drop of oil or butter or cheese and added a nice dollop of English Mustard so it blends in well. The challenge with using Dijon or Indian Kasundi is the black mustard seeds do not dissolve, while I prefer the flavours better. And thats pretty much all there is to do.

Pop the cauliflower into an oven proof dish and pour the sauce over it. Sprinkle black/white pepper and bake at 180 for a good 40-60 minutes depending on how you like it cooked – slightly under or nice and soft. A dash of tobasco for my indian pallette and its a super dinner dish.