Egg and Potato Salad


Quick Egg Salad

Simple boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, mayonnaise, salt & pepper.

That’s all you need for a really quick dinner option. Who doesn’t love boiled eggs now!


Easy Baked Eggs

Baked Eggs


One of the simplest, and most satisfying foods – I love eggs. All you need is a oven proof dish – I used a glass bowl. The ingredients are upto you. Choose from fresh veg, herbs, cheese, seasonings and whatever you like, you can add to this.

For mine, I greased the dish slightly with a few drops of olive oil, added some chopped onions, layered with tomato slices. Added chopped green chillies, grated cheese, fresh parsley, salt and pepper. Cook this for 10 min in 180 deg Celsius. Then add eggs. This has 2 eggs. Just crack and drop them directly into the dish. Top with tomatoes, cheese and some salt/pepper. Bake for 20-30 min depending on how cooked you like eggs. Top with parsley/coriander and enjoy!