Low Calorie Baked Cauliflower in a White Sauce with Mustard

Its a bird, its a plane – no its a deliciously good baked cauliflower. That too in a low calories sauce that is packed with the punch of good old mustard.

I used a medium sized cauliflower – whole. Blanched it to get it slightly cooked and also to clean it through since I am not going to chop it up. Made my low cal white sauce without a single drop of oil or butter or cheese and added a nice dollop of English Mustard so it blends in well. The challenge with using Dijon or Indian Kasundi is the black mustard seeds do not dissolve, while I prefer the flavours better. And thats pretty much all there is to do.

Pop the cauliflower into an oven proof dish and pour the sauce over it. Sprinkle black/white pepper and bake at 180 for a good 40-60 minutes depending on how you like it cooked – slightly under or nice and soft. A dash of tobasco for my indian pallette and its a super dinner dish.


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