Chicken tikka


Tandoori Chicken Tikka. …

Bite sized chicken cubes marinated in a spicy marinade with yoghurt and grilled in my home oven. .what’s better than this low oil tasty grilled chicken snack with a few veggies thrown in?

I used a ready made marinate masala which is easily available in grocery stores. My favorite brand is Shan. You can use any thing you like. Marinate the cubed chicken with this masala, yoghurt, lime juice, mustard oil…or any other oil I’d you don’t have this ..and leave it for 4 hours for that perfect flavor. .you can even marinate overnight.

Next I used the rotisserie to stick the chicken peice and cooked for 25 minutes on 200 degrees.
It’s a cool idea to marinate those veggies in leftover marinade from the chicken.  I used capsicum or green pepper, red onions and tomatoes.  Just place them on a plate and keep under rotisserie when the chicken is cooking. 
To serve I have some green chutney made of coriander and mint and some lemon.


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