Home Made Lasagne

All time winner of the comfort food category.  
ImageMake it at your own pace, ideal to do it a day before its needed – lets the flavours ‘seep’ in really well. I made a chicken only version, given the people I was cooking for, but I am bet the mince meat version will be far tastier. I will give it a try next time. Well, this wasn’t bad either considering it was gone within minutes of being served 🙂


You’ll need:
1) Lasagna Sheets
2) Mozarella Cheese, and you can get another variety of cheese if you like
3) Parsley and any other herbs you want to add
4) Meat sauce using 2 or 3 types of mean made in a tomato sauce (I used onions, garlic, pepper, a dash of red wine, mushrooms, and some other seasoning) to get the sauce going. This takes time – make it as per your taste but keep 1-2 hours for this prep. 
5) Its basically the assembly now. Get a baking dish – square or rectangular since we are using lasagna sheets. I dipped them in warm water for 10 seconds before assembling. Start with a greased bottom – with the sheets. Now layer the sauce, cheese, herbs – repeat 2-3 times, till your dish is full to the top. 
6) Remember the meat is already cooked. Bake the dish covered with foil for a half the time you would and then remove the foil for the browning effect.
7) Safe to assume the flavours will get highly enhanced if you serve it the next day! 










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