Lobster Curry in Coconut Milk

This is an absolutely delightful curry to be enjoyed with plain steamed rice. Use shellfish – crabs, lobsters or Prawns as per your liking for this. I have used Lobsters this time.

You need some onions, curry leaves, turmeric powder, chilly powder, pepper and coconut milk. I used the small tetrapacks easily available in the market.

Start by cleaning the lobsters. Then take some oil in a wok, cook the lobster with the shell, till it turns orange – should take 3-4 minutes max, if not lesser. Depends on how large the lobster is.
Keep aside.

In the same wok, put a little oil, add sliced onions (1 large should do), curry leaves and saute.. and add turmeric and chilly powder as well. Now just add curry leaves, put the flame to a simmer and slowly pour in the coconut milk, and the cooked lobster. Simmer for a 4-5 minutes – if you feel its too thick add some water. Season with salt and pepper. Enjoy with Steamed rice. Lobster Curry


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